Unasked War: Part-4 The day in war

This article is part of the “Unasked War” series. This is a fictional series. All details and the characters are not real.

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Emaan “the lone wolf” is now grown up and know in-depth strategies of small closed-loop fighting.

It has been more than 15 years now when the war started. While the architects of the war are enjoying their life with utmost royalty bestowed by the arms suppliers., Unlike the claims of freedom and growth, war has only brought misfortune and hardship for the common citizens. Millions of people have died, families have fallen apart and the future is still in the dark.

After the fall of Iraqi govt, the west trying to bring a govt in their favor, has failed to bring a system in place where people can say there is a rule of law. Multiple factions of the army broke out after the war. Each garnering their won interest.

Emaan is now fighting as a mercenary, he shoots for everyone who pays him the dearest. He recently stopped the progress and cleaning operation of the army with 5 bullets and 100% kill, in the battle of Kirk. He was invited by the regional commander of the faction to meet him in person and congratulate him on his success.

As s prized, he offers him Shafina, his prized possession of non-believers. To take her with him and do what ever he likes to do.

Emaan, : “I won’t do that. I am a killer. My job is to kill. I kill anyone for whom a good amount is paid to me”
“Women’s are not what I trade”
Commander: “Emaan, this is not a payment, this is a gift, have it”
“I still won’t. I am a man and my job is to kill” replies Emaan.
Indignant Commander senses Emaan abeyance toward him and his moral feature. Emaan, from his stoic eyes, is relentless and fearless.
So, the commander decides to instigate Emaan. He brings out his belt and asks emaan to accept her or he will tear every cloth from her body to kill her mercilessly. Emaan is still not interested.
Commander starts beating Shafina, her every scream is louder than the previous one. Emaan is now somewhere hesitant if should oblige to the commander and save her for her life. He remembers the pain his father went through the un-fateful day. He thinks, maybe he can accept her and let her go instead of this creepy commander beating her to death.
“Ok, give her to me”
Commander laughs “So, the lone wolf has a softer side”
“I am a man, and my job is to kill. Sometimes, I kill even if someone doesn’t pay me” Emaan says sending a chill down the spine of Commander.

Emaan leaves with Shafina.