Unasked War: Part-3 The Road to Syria

This article is part of the “Unasked War” series. This is a fictional series. All details and the characters are not real.

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Emaan has just woke up his brother and talking to his mother about his upcoming exams.

His father has returned from the Shop. He, in hurry, enters the home and asks everyone to quickly pack whatever they can.

Mother, in worried tone, asks, “What happened ?”

“Americans have declared war on Iraq, we need to leave. Amir (Father’s brother) is coming to take us. We will leave for Syria and come back after everything is normalized.”

Emaan who is not able to understand what’s going on, jumps in.
“Father, I have my degree getting completed soon, I will have a job!”
“Baba!, we need to go. we need to run. It’s the beginning of the war” exclaims the father.

A car enters the home.
“It must be amir” checks the father.
“Bhai! let’s go soon. The Iraqi government has started to take young boys to recruit in the army, let’s go quickly”

Father and mother both in panic, are worried about their sons.

In a short moment of time, Family loads up all whatever they in the car, leaving everything which cant be carried and sold. Emaan with a heavy heart leaves all his books, his notes, and his hard work. His mother who is his strength watches everything and leaves home in tears. It’s the same home where both of the children were born. Father still remembers the moment of the children playing with toys, now grown up and everything is changing so fast that it can not be connected. All of them leave for Syria.

During a pass through. Police stop the car at the barricade.

“Where are you going,” Asks the policemen.
Amir trying to hide the plan, replies “I am taking them to my home next town. It’s our family event”

Father and mother are still not sure what to say.

Policemen sneak a look in the back.
“There are two boys here, who are they?”
Father, worried quickly reply “they are my son”
“We are entering the war, you will have to leave one son here”
Mother panics “No, no, no. These are young boys, how can they fight the war.”
Policemen ask the other personnel.
“Take one of the boys out of the car and let this car go”
Personnel, Opens the right door and grabs Abul out of the car.
Mother is not ready to let him go out of her hands. Father quickly jumps out of the front seat and asks personnel to leave his son. A brawl breaks out. Personnel hits the father, trying to take Abul away. Then is when Emaan jumps in and frees his father and brother from the personnel.
Seeing this personnel tries to shoot Emman but his father bears the bullet trying to save him.
Mather falls unconscious, abul quickly grab her and take her inside the car.
Amir wasting no time gears up the car and tries to escape. Personnel tries to shoot them.

But!, Emaan, shouts from behind, cuddling his father around his arm and making his father be in peace.
“You got me. You wanted one of us. Let them go! ”.

Personnel also realizes enough of the damage has been done and lets the car go its way, with emaan crying over his father’s body, seeking forgiveness for the pain his father went through.
And, Emaan’s pain has only begun, he lost his father. He is now far from his mother and brother, without any surety whether they be safe or not. But at least, they have passed the last barricade on the road to Syria.

And the “Lone wolf of the war has taken his birth”